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LabCorp Locations:
PCAMG's preferred provider for laboratory services is LabCorp. Please click here for a listing of the LabCorp Patient Service Centers in North County San Diego.
PCAMG is again honored to be one of Integrated Healthcare Association’s  Top Performing Physician Organizations.

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There are several ways to support members who may have difficulty communicating with their health care provider:

For non-English speaking members, translation services are available to assist the member. To access these services, please contact your Primary Care Physician.

For sensory impaired members, staff can provide information in a manner to accommodate the deficits. If a non-hearing member needs a sign interpreter one will be made available to the member. If you have a speech or hearing impairment and use TTY, please call 711. If the member is sight impaired, the staff will review any written information verbally. If the member has difficult understanding or needs re-enforcement, please contact your IPA's Customer Service department.

Our PCP offices are evaluated to ensure accessibility by members who might have disabilities.